1. How do I purchase a domain from ChosenDomains.com? 

Just email me and request an invoice.  I will send you a paypal invoice.  It is not necessary to have a paypal account and they also allow you to use your credit card.  Many of the domains will have a link to sedo.com where you can also purchase them via third party. They will also act as escrow. All prices on Sedo are fixed.

2. How do I obtain ownership after payment?

Most of the domains are registered at godaddy.com. You will need to get a godaddy.com account which is free.   I will guide you through the process.

 Many of these domains are also listed on GoDaddy.com.  If you purchase through GoDaddy they will guide you through the process and also act as the escrow agent. The fee is paid by the seller. I have discounted the domains listed on ChosenDomains.com.

3. Do you offer a money back guarantee? No, once the domain has been transferred into your ownership there is no refunds.

4. Is the sale for the domain name only or does it include a website?

Unless otherwise specified, the purchase is for domain name only - no website included.  If a website comes with the domain it will be noted in the remarks area.

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